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The over-riding philosophy in determining our audit approach and the performance of related audit procedures are customised in order to ensure effective auditing of businesses and meeting our clients’ needs. This requires that we understand your business, and apply that understanding to develop our detailed audit approach.

For the purpose of audit efficiency, we have a policy of arranging a pre-audit meeting to arrange and agree on the following issues as it affects the audit:

1. Audit approach to be adopted

2. The audit time table

3. General performance of the client for the year under review

4. Constraint that inhibit the attainment of the corporate objectives

5. Management efforts at repositioning the company on the right track.

6. Branches to be visited and when to visit

7. Audit fees and mode of settlement

Before the commencement of an audit we visit the client’s location, take a general view of the client’s prevailing operational environment, interview the client’s top officials and identify specific areas of audit emphasis and subsequently prepare a formal planning memorandum for the audit. This approach has contributed to our efficiency and should be pertinent to your establishment.

The key elements of our audit services are:

a. One of the Partners will be involved from the beginning to determine the strategy for the audit, drawing on their understanding of the organisation’s business coupled with their considerable professional experience.

b. Based on the Management’s view of the key issues and risks and our own analysis, a detailed audit plan will then be formulated by the engagement team and discussed with the Management.

Our relationship with the company’s management will not be annual encounter, but rather a continuous relationship throughout the year. Working together is the most effective means of maintaining and building on our understanding of the business. By working closely with the company’s management, we will make sure that our audit is appropriately tailored and responsive to your needs.

Our techniques are also designed to give advice to client as to how their business may be run more profitably by minimising cost and maximising revenue.

Services provided include:

1. Identifying areas to increase operational efficiency

2. Identifying areas to increase profitability

3. Advising on appropriate business controls

4. Review computer systems, control over their use and security, and data analysis.


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